SWF Studio

SWF Studio

A gorgeous sunny day as you stroll through Toorak Village and you come across Sally Wright flower studio.

You smell the jasmine, the boronia, the violets or lily of the valley. Of course you need to enter because you are curious to see inside, or perhaps our ever changing window displays have lured you in. When you enter, you will be greeted by Sally or Fleur.

There might be flowers in buckets everywhere, on the stage, behind the counter, out the front or in the doorway and the place might be chaotic with leaves on the floor, but that’s probably because it’s a market day and Sally has just arrived back with the newest, freshest, amazing bunches that she started buying at 3:30am that morning!

It takes us a bit of time to process the flowers, re cut the stems and place in vases so they can be presented to you in a professional beautiful display but that’s the fun of it all.

Once inside the store you will be greeted by a quick “hello” or “hi there” but we will not pressure you to buy but allow you to absorb the ambiance, enjoy the experience and have a think about what you are looking for.

When you need a suggestion we are here to help.

Birthday, Thank you, Condolence, or just for home.

We do have a few bouquets made up for the customers who are in a rush, but we like to choose with you and make it for you on the spot. This way you know exactly what you are getting and you know that it is fresh!

Many customers bring in their vase from home for us to fill. This is the best because this way we can really make something that suits.

In Europe it is a weekly joy to have flowers in the home but in Australia it’s a bit different. So if you do not have the time to visit the store we can set up a flower subscription and personally deliver within your budget to your house weekly or fortnightly.

It really can be that simple for you to enjoy what is pure flowers every day.

Oh and we LOVE dogs.

Feel free to bring in Lottie, Gladdies, Sam, Cecil or Jackson, Ralph and Maggie are welcome too.