Pure flowers is Sally Wright Flower Studio

We are a small, yet dedicated & enthusiastic floral design studio with big ideas! We specialise in high quality custom, hand-picked florals & we pride ourselves in only selling you the freshest & best quality flowers at sensible prices.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we concentrate our services to creating clean, stylish, up to the minute floral designs & installations for your wedding, home, office or themed party. The words we love – funky, edgy, beautiful, stunning, fresh, pure, colour, texture, installations, different and fabulous.

Sally personally buys the flowers at the Epping flower market early at 3:30am and if there is something amazing, different or brand new to the season, Sally snaps it up, just so her customers can experience what is – pure flowers.

We don’t take on a lot of clients, as we like to have the luxury of really enjoying our clients, so if we do work with you, we are going to go the distance. It is very important to us & we love, love, love to bring big smiles to your day! our sole aim is to delight our clients and provide an unparalleled level of service. We ensure we bring your vision to life through our customised creativity and style.

Come and visit Sally & Ton anytime at the studio to talk flowers, home services, subscriptions, corporates, hanging installations & of course your wedding.


In 2005, after working as a chef & head chef for 25 years, I decided to work with flowers.

Because we are a small team blooming more & more year after year we are able to give our customers a particular and dedicated service and this alone makes it all worth it.

Throughout my career, I have worked all over Melbourne and then Sydney, cooking for the Olympics which led me to living & working in America for 4 years. New York City is where I ended up studying floral design at the Flower School New York.

With my partner who is Dutch, we have travelled to his home town of Rijnsberg in Holland to explore the “Flora Holland” flower markets to understand exactly the Dutch way in dealing with flowers, the exportation and shear volume that passes through these markets on a daily basis in order to bring the best to Australia and all over the world.

My flower studio direction is to be simple and not complicated. Just sell the freshest pure flowers with no fluff, fuss or upselling. Flower studio will always stay boutique, special and dedicated by staying small, but with huge ideas.  Every customers request is always at the top of the list and no venue or event space is too big or small for us to create your next event whether it be table settings for your Christmas party, hanging flowers for your birthday or even just having the girls over for lunch.

I personally deliver and set up your event flowers so you can tick that off the list – no fluff, no fuss. It really is just that simple.

I am able to lead my team due to my upbringing, working in the hospitality industry for so many years, extensive European travel all over the world and with my down to earth attitude, honesty and passion for my business, helping my customers obtain the vision they are looking for is a breeze.

once you give me an idea of what you are after, we can just about create any installation that works for your space.

contact sally or ton at the store on 98242665

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Sally and her team will discuss your requirements, formulate a creative strategy and provide the highest level of customer service. T: +61 Call: 03 9824 2665